The Practice of The Moon Trailer

The Practices of the Moon Course

This course is made of 21 videos, for a total of 5 modules and in each module you will be able to get: 

Asana practices, Meditations, Lectures, Rituals, Chanting.

Documents to download and keep forever. 

This course is here to help you to connect to the potent power of Lunar energy, to awaken your intuition and your creativity through ancient methods and rituals. 

Asana, chanting, journaling and meditations practices to reflect under the moon and understanding why things should be different during these specific days.

The Moon is much more than a light in the sky. It is filled with mystery and magic, and its cycles are important when it comes to magical rituals, with each phase of the Moon creating its own, special kind of energy.

This energy affects you and everything on Earth. Working with the phases of the Moon, you can harness its power and use its energy to better your life.

This course is for everyone that is curious about the lunar cycle and it requires a knowledge and basic level of your yoga practice. We also invite you to go outside and observe and be part of the nature.

Are you ready to enjoy this magic course.

Then this is the right place for you

to be, to grow, to change...

TPM by Carlotta Castangia

As Above So Below...

Meet Your Teacher

Carlotta is an Eryt 500 in Vinyasa Hatha Meditation Yoga Nidra Rising Flow. She has more then 10 years of experience in the Yoga World. She is now based in Bali teaching regular Yoga Classes since 2011 in one of the most prestigious yoga studio in the Island of Gods Desa Seni. She runs International Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats. 

Ambassador of the well know Australian brand Dharmabumsactive wear. Many of you may have met her already!! She inspires many Yogis in the island as well around the world.


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